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Friday, July 25, 2008

Garden Plans for next year... expansion!

I am now busy making plans for an additional garden area! I will admit I haven't got my husbands final approval, but I'm optimistic! :)
My current fenced in backyard garden is only about 18 feet by 8 feet. It's a great, well used space. The downside of it is I currently just have enough space to grow food to enjoy in the summer. I'd love to be able to grow food for our family to freeze and enjoy throughout the winter too! I'd love to grow twice as many greenbeans and strawberries, start growing lima beans, and have 4 blueberry bushes!

My hope is to add another garden area that would measure around 21 feet by 11 feet.
I've thoroughly enjoyed drawing up plans for the plot. The labor of removing all the sod from the yard and avoiding sprinkler system lines won't be quite as fun however, the years of fresh food grown and enjoyed by my family would be more than worth it!

In asking advice from other gardners on starting a new garden area, I found the following advice received on the "Helpful Gardner Forum" helpful. Check out the link below for information on companion planting!
(Thanks Chris)

Hi Jo,

Since you're planning ahead for next year you should stake some black plastic down where you want your new plot right now. By the end of the summer your grass should be gone and you will easily be able to till the ground and plant a cover crop this fall. Next spring you can till the cover crop in and start your garden. Two years ago I needed more space and dind't want to wait, so I used a shovel to dig up an area about 10' x 25' and it took all day to finish.

As far as row spacing I normally like 36''-48'' between each row, depending on what I'm planting. Once everything is established I run drip hose down the rows and mulch around the plants. This cuts way back on the weeding and helps keep the moisture in the ground.

http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/complant.html is a good link to help get you started on companion planting.

Hope this helps!


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