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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A new item for my landscape! (update)

Awww... Spring is here! I am so enjoying the 60 & 70 degree weather that has finally arrived the last couple days in Northern Indiana! I realize how much I have missed being outdoors enjoying my yard, landscape and gardens!

I've been making all my outdoor garden & landscape plans for the season.
Last summer I was on a hunt for a trellis or planter of some sort to put between some outdoor furniture I have in front of my home. The space was just begging for something! We have a lot of mature landscape in front of our home. However, there was one bush that had outgrown the space and we sadly had to remove it. In it's place I sat two chairs for my husband and I to enjoy sitting out in on nice summer evenings. However, the area looked quite bare without the large shrub that had occupied the area. I am so happy to have found just the right item to place in that empty space that was begging for something! I will soon be receiving the planter pictured below from Teak, Wicker & More. It is 36" tall and 32" wide and will fit the space quite well. I look forward to receiving it and planting some flowers in it!

May 6th - UPDATE
Review of the planter from Teak, Wicker, and More:

I was happy to receive the planter this week! It was so easy to assemble - no tools were required! I had it together in less than 5 minutes. It holds 80 pounds of soil and once the soil was in place I found it to be very sturdy. I was happy to get some Marigolds, Salvia, and Celosia planted in it yesterday. Right now they are a bit short in the planter but over the summer they should fill it out quite well. Next year I may consider planting a Clematis or a miniature Rose bush in it to take better advantage of the trellis! Great product.